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Quality Inspection



How to find a quality inspection agent in Guangzhou or Foshan ?

Why you need a quality inspection agent in Guangzhou or Foshan ?


After the order, we need a very stric product inspection .

Such as pre-production inspection, inline inspection / DUPRO inspection, final inspection. Even we need to

control the loading of goods to ensure that the product will not be damaged.


For experienced quality inspector or checker , for example, if you are doing a kitchen cabinet project, the

 color of the cabinet is the most basic requirement, then you have to control the color when  the time painting

 the color controling  the key process.Meanwhile some other  people will just take all the photos , and then

reported that all have been tested.


For an experienced purchasing assistant, you have to remember the details when your customer dealing

 with the supplier , with notes down, and help customers talk about the details of the contract.then

when you checking the goods , you will know what to check ,rather than just taking the photos of the goods .


For an experienced inspector, he will know what kind of product, need or do not need to reinforce the

 packaging, to avoid damage to the product during transport.


For an experienced inspector: If a product is found to be problematic, he will know how to ask the supplier

how to correct it or how to compensate the customer for the loss. They know how to solve the problem,

 so that buyers and sellers are happy.



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